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To rob or not to rob? Over to you

Heading off for a two week holiday Friday 31st March and I’m a bit concerned my bees may run out of room to store their honey while I’m away. They have been very busy in the last week and it’s been two weeks since my last inspection. I live on the Sunshine Coast and around my area we’ve had pretty good conditions for a flow. I might add that I’m a complete newby to beekeeping so I’m asking the forum for their opinions. Should I rob a couple of frames now or will it last until I get back? If my photo doesn’t upload when I look through the end inspection panel the majority of the frames have been filled(around 80%) but not capped as far as I can see. (Don’t want to rob too early)

I’m having trouble reading your entire message, however based on how I understand your message, I’d rob a couple of frames.

Edited your post for readability.

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Empty a couple of frames to make room and then feed back what you took after you return. Both issues (storage space, and unripe honey) solved :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jeff. I see your many replies and your YouTube videos so I value your opinion and obvious love for the bee culture

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Thank you. First time posting and university son unavailable to show dummy dad how to do it properly.


Good idea. Thanks Bob

I have a different opinion. Looking at the end of the Flow frames, I would not take this honey. But you really should pull a couple of Flow frames up and inspect the capping. Make sure they are fully capped before harvesting honey. You can do it before all fully capped but if you are new and unsure of the moisture content then wait till fully capped.
Are you running single or double brood boxes and do you have any room for expansion (such as adding another box as another option?
Quite often there will be “all honey” frames in the brood box, this gives you an opportunity to remove and store these in the fridge or freezer and then replace with empty frames, it will buy you a few weeks.


Thanks for your reply Rodderick. I have a single brood box and on my last inspection of the brood it had lots of larvae in all frames.Very strong hive I’m thinking which is fairly evident at night as there’s plenty of bees outside helping to regulate temps. Still reasonably warm at night here. I’ll be inspecting the supers tomorrow and if there’s frames in there with good capping I’ll do a rob.