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Tonado action up in the trees-swarm? raiders? joining together?


I have white willow trees in the wetland and on the edge of my property. Every year I can go down there in the spring and I almost get dizzy from all of the bees and the humming. I was enjoying this the last couple of days and then yesterday…

I went down to my shed and I noticed that the humming had intensified. I looked up into the trees and between two of the trees, there were a couple of thousand bees flying in a tornado like fashion. Round and round they went. I looked to my hive and it looked like the same amount of bees entering and exiting from the hive. Then the entrance started to get a lot of bees around it and I don’t think they were fighting(I don’t know how they could tell who was from who’s group) but it looked to me that one swarm was trying to take over the box with your bees.

Can one hive push another hive out of their home?

After about twenty minutes, the cloud of bees started to dissipate and I noticed for a while a lot of bees congregated around the opening. After a couple of hours and it looked like everything was settled down, I went to the observation window and it looked like a lot more bees were in the hive.

Could the wayward bees have joined up with my bees?

I don’t think that my bees and the two thousand bees could fit into what I have with a brood box and a super.

Any thoughts?

I have never seen this in online videos or heard of this from any of the experts. I like the viewing window, instant feedback to what is going on after this happened.


A strong swarm has been known to take over a weak colony.
Also a swarm will be aborted if the queen doesn’t go with them for some reason or if she is clipped and can’t fly


Thank you, I haven’t heard of that before.