Top Entrance seems heavily clustered with bees - good or bad?

Because they’re bearding?
Have you noticed any swarm cells during your brood inspections?
Are you still feeding them?

No, I did not wax them.

I don’t know what swarm cells are and I am still feeding them.

Thank you for updating your profile. I have a few recommendations for you.

If they are still not using the Flow super, I recommend that you take it off the hive. The reason is, from your photo it looks like you only have one brood box. In Washington state, if you want your bees to survive the winter, you need at least 2 brood boxes. You will need to buy one, plus frames and foundation if you don’t have a second brood box already. This is important - you should let the bees fill the second brood box with frames of honey, pollen and bees before you put the Flow super on top. They will need those extra stores to survive the winter.

Once you have that second box full, I recommend that you put wax on the Flow frame faces. The simplest way to do this is when you are tidying up excess comb in the hive during an inspection. Take a blob of wax on your hive tool and gently spread it across the open cells of the Flow frames. You can just put 8 or 9 small blobs onto each side of the frame. This makes the plastic smell of a friendly hive, and the bees will use the frames much faster.

You should never feed bees when you have a honey super on the hive. If you do, you will get syrup honey, not nectar honey. The taste of syrup honey is nowhere near as nice as real honey.

You really should join a local bee club and see if you can find a mentor. They can help you hugely with this kind of thing. You can see some pictures of swarm cells and other types of queen cells in this article:


Ok. Thank you so much

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