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Tranquility harvest? LOL

I see all these beautiful pictures of flow hive harvesting with not a bee in sight, even open containers full of honey. It looks so tranquil and then this is happening at my house

Last summer we harvested at different times, perhaps 1 month apart, the first time was during a flow and no bees were interested in what was going on around the back and no protective gear was required. The second time the flow was over, I presume, as the bees were all over us at the back and I needed the veil. It was a pain because as soon as a cap on the frame was removed we had to make sure no bee snuck in when we blinked.
I suggest that perhaps the flow over in your area?

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It is sure over hence the girls are greedy :slight_smile:

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are those bees coming around from the front- or are they somehow getting out at the rear there? It looks like there may be a gap they are coming out of. If so: there shouldn’t be any gap big enough for a bee to get out at the rear- if there is what you see in your picture is inevitable. I have done many harvests and never had more than a few bees become curious and check out what’s going on.

If it isn’t a gap- perhaps it has something to do with the rain?

Also - is this an 'end of season 'harvest? I just ask as none of your frames look like they have much if any honey stored in them?

These bees are coming around from the front. There are no gaps for them to get in or out on this side.

Yes the frames are not full unfortunately. It’s the end of summer here, flow is all over and I’m just emptying to remove the flow box for winter storage.

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Why is everything all wet? Did you spray everything down with the garden hose?

Haha I should have, maybe that would have chased them away
Small misunderstanding with a sprinkler direction

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