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Transporting Captured Swarms


Those of you who go out to collect swarms…do you all own pickup trucks, or do you have a secure system for station wagons, cars, etc.?


Hmmm !

Life without a pickup ! Not happening ! I grew up around owning trucks for farming n work … Then people starting buying because it was a Statis Symbol. Never did figure that one out. Yip ! I carry my swarms n Nuc’s in the backend fasten n strapped down.

. . .

Not sure I’d be comfy with all those critters up with me but know people that do it …



I have a Toyota Land Cruiser tray back ute. You could probably call it a “pickup truck”. We also transport swarms in the boot of our car quite frequently. It’s always advisable to make sure your bees are secure in your swarm capture box if it’s going to travel in the car with you. For goodness sake, don’t have any collisions while transporting bees in the car with you, regardless of how secure the bees are. That could turn into a real disaster.


We don’t own a pickup truck. If a swarm is very large, we have a Home Depot near us where we can rent a pickup for $20 per hour. If it is smaller and will fit in a nucleus box, I put the box into a laundry bag, to contain any loose bees - works very well.


$20.00 an hr!!!, I hope they’re all fitted with v8’s


I am sure they are supercharged!!!.. NOT!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So I am very selective about collecting swarms - I have to have empty equipment or a weak hive, otherwise, not interested. :blush:


It’s always a bit of a gamble Dawn, I was told my last swarm was the size of a bucket. As we both know, buckets come in all sizes:) You heard me talk previously about a swarm that was the size of a football, but in reality, it wasn’t much bigger than a tennis ball. I’m going to bed, good night.