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Transporting hives

That’s ok, I’m against not spitting a hive and having it swarm. Each to their own way of managing their hives, it works for me in my climate.

Peter, you have to stop this bad habit of yours you know.


Not sure what you are meaning, I thought my only bad habit is spending so much time working the hives… :laughing: :smiley:

Took me a while to work it out Peter, you misspelled “splitting”. I’m with you with regards to splitting in July. Only selected colonies, of course.

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Bugger, it took Jeff to point it out and I was still too slow seeing the typo.
Wow, 100% humidity today and it hasn’t rained, :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You’re not wrong about the humidity. I extracted today. More honey than I’ve seen for a while, close to 150 kilos, despite all the recent rain. We’ve had a lot of rain on & off since about 10.30

Sorry jeff, I’m still trying to work out the humour, or lack thereof, on this site. I was pulling Peter’s leg, and hope no offence was taken. Now I feel like a dill because I laughed alone.

You mean it hasn’t been spitting?

Interestingly certain condition create supersaturation. Therefore condensation doesn’t always occur at 100% relative humidity. Though it does mean sweat doesn’t evaporate. Yuck!

Hi Olly, don’t feel like a dill. I chastised myself for not showing a humorous response to your joke. It was funny :slight_smile: I’M the dill.

My only excuse was that after a day of robbing the bees & extracting honey in high humidity left me a bit dull.

Cheers Olly :slight_smile:

It finally rained last night with a massive thunderstorm and the rain poured down, yesterday I got to do some grass cutting around my hives but had to give it away at 1pm so had some time to sit and watch the activity of the bees. I got a couple of boxes of honey off earlier so that gave me something to do last night. Your right Fred, some days for some reason it doesn’t rain but you wish it would - desperately.
Yesterday was a typical February day here, really warm and humid and rain over night. These mesh bee suits look like they would have great ventilation, but alas, it isn’t hard to really sweat up with it on.

Hi Pete, I thought of you when they announced that the Maroochy Airport got the most recorded rain on the coast last night of 230mm. We got 150 since it started raining yesterday morning.

My rain gauge was full after 3 hours of rain so I have no idea what I got overnight, but sitting at my computer looking out my front door I couldn’t even see a glow from the street light across the street for a couple of hours. Nothing here till the heavens opened up at 7:30 and it was instantly full on heavy rain. Real monsoon stuff and typical of what we used to have.
Cheers Jeff

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