Transporting Nuc hive Hot weather

How long can you safely Transport bees in a corflute nuc box in an air-conditioned car. In hot weather?

I wish I had an answer for you. I don’t like coreflute nuc boxes. There’s not much bee space around the frames. They have vents, however if one was to put a strong nuc into one & the bees all tried to get out on account of daylight through the vents, the colony could suffocate because of the bees trying to get out blocking the airway. I think that could happen fairly quickly.

If you can share a bit more about your intentions, I can come up with what I would do myself.


JeffH thanks for quick reply.
Well someone is looking at buying a nuc from me but they live about 5 hrs from me. I’m a little worried how this would go. I’m not sure what time he intends to travel but I’m guessing night time would be the go? But I’m talking to him tomorrow about the details. Do you have any suggestions for a safe transportation to their new hive.

You’re welcome Maree, what I do is get people to bring their brood box to me, then I transfer the nuc into that. I pack the frames so they don’t wobble & squash bees between them during transport. I use thin bits of wood between the frame shoulders, unless the comb is such that they’re not needed. The more ventilation they provide, the better for a 5 hour trip. A screened bottom board or roof would be ideal.


Lots of breeders in the UK post nucs and packages in corflute nucs.

24hr delivery.

Thanks thanks great to know. Unfortunately it probably is a a fit bit hotter here in Australia. But I do appreciate your input.

Thanks I’ll discuss this with the prospective buyer. Cheers.

No different to moving hives in the summer in the UK.

Honey farmers do this regularly across the country for pollination.