Tree --> Green Ants --> Small Hive Beetle

Hey everyone. Just thought I’d share a tragic story:

I live in Far North Queensland and have had bees in my Flow Hive since October last year. I went to check up on my bees today and found that a tree had fallen over onto my hive sometime in the last 8 days or so. I’m a Grade 12 student so I have been really busy and exhausted lately and I hadn’t been able to check up on them.

Anyway, most of the tree had missed the hive, except one tiny branch which left a small split in the roof. That wasn’t too bad, however the green ants had completely demolished the hive; I couldn’t find a single living bee. To top it of, since there were no bees left, small hive beetle larvae had infested the hive and completely ruined the honey and everything else.

I cleared the tree, and cleaned the hive, it looks fine except for that one hole in the roof. I just thought I’d share my experience. The tree that fell over wasn’t even one that I had worried about because it was so far away from the hive, but it was quite a big wattle. Just make sure you check up on your bees all the time!

I’m not sure if I’m gonna continue beekeeping, since I’ll be moving out of home soon, but I’ll see what happens…

Here’s a photo (it’s the only one I managed to upload):

Happy beekeeping,

Hi Victor,
That’s such a disappointing experience, and yes, I watch the trees around my hives quite suspiciously. A big weather event in our great country can throw over a lot of things, even the dry.
Year 12 is stressful enough, but as life goes: you are stressed out, more crap happens.
Glad your hive hardware is ok, and just maybe a beek up your way has a split ready to give away, somebody on this forum may be in for a chance to help you out. I hope so.
Who knows, maybe a bit of lemongrass oil and a smaller entrance might get you a swarm, maybe even your own absconded bees?
Good luck Victor! Let us know how it goes.

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Oh your poor bees. Death by green ant. Ouch. So sorry. Hope to see you back here some time.

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