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Tree that flowers with 40 different fruit



Talk about dedication to the cause, imagine a whole orchard of these trees, would take decades to create but would be awesome for our bees.:slight_smile:


For the english speakers ; -)


the script is French the vid is English :slight_smile:


I saw this video earlier this week, it had me dreaming about getting 1 of these trees for my yard. Doesn’t look like he sells them. I wonder how hard it would be to develop one of these trees? I wonder what the first (base) tree is?


Hi Shieas. It is a great way to maximise the variety of fruits from one or several trees when space can be an issue. We have local grafting days held by our friendly orchards that show you techniques and graft various scions onto quality rootstock for you. I have recently plant two apple trees with two scions each grafted and hope to add more as it grows. I am just learning. All you need is a grafting knife some growth hormones and lots of patience! Might be worth seeing if any of your local orchard hold grafting days and go along!


@noddyc43 Andrew what do you use as the base tree stock?


@Valli I left that to the professionals at the grafting day to choose for me! I am still very much a newbie. Here is the place I got my trees from.

It has a little about choosing good rootstock but very much relates to rootstocks used in Aus but may have some info on general characteristics ideal rootstocks. Hope that helps Valli.