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Trouble getting bees to use Flow Hive


So we had placed the flow hive supers about a month ago. Since placing them the bees seem to have mostly stayed out of them. Well, they have crawled all over them, but that’s about it. And they have completely filled the 2nd brood boxes with honey. So I’m at a but if a loss. Still have brood in the bottom box, seems like there was brood and honey, more than 85% in the 2nd brood boxes until the flow hive supers went on. Then it all converted to honey. First year beekeeper here, of course don’t have any experience, but it seems wrong? Thoughts?


There are so many posts regarding this on the forum, just type into forum search up top (magnifying glass). It will depend on age of colony, time of year/season, flow etc. :slight_smile:


Morning Julianne,

Welcome to the bee forum n beekeeping. From what you have written your on your way with first season success.

Don’t panic or fret about your bees not moving upstairs. Like you here in the upper northern hemisphere … This season, weather n hives are slowly getting ready for winter. Having your honey super full is good.

Your Flow-Frame are leaving scent n maybe they are even sealing a few cell seams with wax. Mine have done like wise here SE of Seattle. As mentioned there is plenty of info n threads you can acquire once you figure the search system here on the forum.

I did melt bee wax n rolled it onto all six plastic frames with a new clean paint roller. I’d highly advise this before reinstalling your Flow-Super next season … When the bees fill up your honey super next season 2017 they will do things faster as they already have honey n brood comb built.

Here in the Pacific NW in Puget Sound lve treated all my five colonies for varroa mites… Glad i did as dead mites are still falling to the boards below the SBBoards.

. Some folks on here don’t treat but it’s different strokes for different folks. You’ll have to chose your own plan n direction. Just glad I did what I did :ok_hand:

I will be further checking my colonies for winter stores n removing my flow-Super n shallow honey supers off non-Flow hives this next week. If a colony is light on supplies I will probably begin a short feeding of 2:1 sugar syrup to fatten up their winter supply n needs. Only two of my five hives will need much. One newer 5frame Nuc i started later needs some help n one that swarmed on me earlier. All my hives are ready … I will be adding moisture quilts to the top of each hive soon … Our Wx here is milder than Canada but long, gray, n damp ! The quilts help absorb the extra condensate the bees give off during the winter. Each region is a bit diff at wintering. I’d check with your locals for their help n advice up there.

. Here’s a couple pix’s of the Moisture Quilts I’m making. I will fill with wood chips to help absorb the excessive WET !

Got to GO now… Good luck !

Gerald near Seattle


Thanks guys. I think I’m more concerned about knowing what being honey bound is and is it possible to be honey bound if the flow hive supers are on?? I wasn’t really expecting to get much honey myself this year, being a new hive, but should I be doing something about the entire 2nd brood box being full of honey?? Or that’s just a good thing and leave it all for the bees over winter?


The Flow Hive Super should be stored safely away until Spring arrives in your area. The brood nest is shrinking in preparation for winter and honey will be stored where brood once was. In the Spring, the process will reverse itself, as the brood nest expands, the bees will store honey farther up and away so you will need a super (Flow).



Sorry I missed the point of your question. I Know even up there the Queen is throttling back on egg laying … I’m guessing your Flow-hive is like mine. The top honey -super is gorged/Stuffed with capped honey, nectar n some pollen somewhere. As the queen slows down egg profuction she does not require the massive amount of frame cells for foraging brood. She is probably laying the winter worker crew now. This winter work force is much smaller. Hopefully if you look … You will find smaller area of brood (from eggs thru pupa (capped) … Not very often in the northern regions like you n I will there actually be Honey bound. … At least you know you will not need to feed for winter supplies. Bees are still eating/consuming honey each day for Daily life n living. Hopefully this addresses your concern more.

Ta ta my friend,