Truth about emf

Odds are censors are gonna kill this thread but im gonna quickly post it and let karma takes its toll.
90% of bee diseases are from emf.all radio technology had a corresponding human disease and bee disease.
starting in around 1908 with spanish flu.
turn your hives with the backs facing cellphone towers,airforce bases,ships and cities.your hives healths and pest issues will lower.
just as a sick dog attracts more flees,a sick colony attracts more mites.
i have twenty years as a radio tower constructor who became a beek four years ago.i tested my theory and found it to be true.
the emf industry doesnt want the public knowing that its the reason for all of man and beast diseases.i live in a trailer house with all my windows blocked by barn tin.thats how sure i am of my science.i never get sick.
i do three way splits each year with success.


Make sure you take your vitamin d.


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Thanks jeff.i probably wont stay long but i hope i helped you guys out.i have an email chain of world security issues.the stuff is not blessed by mainstream media and absolutely doesnt have the approval of the globalist.i tell you how the cow eats the cabbage.
if you want the real dirt.just say i want the truth and ill hand you 90 percent of the shit you wished you didnt know but are also glad you do know.i hold the highest security clearance in usa and i also did not sign non disclosure the most hated man on earth.but im too valuable to murder.

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I hope you don’t get murdered. Remember, that if you have any questions or problems regarding your bees, we’re here to help.

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