Urban bees vs wood heater smoke

I guess you can also use a sheet of glass if you are confident you won’t break it. Condensation would worry me though.

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Listen to @Dee’s advice about insulating the roof. Wise one she is. :wink: There is no try… Do, or do not. Quote from Yoda. :smile: OK, I am a Star Wars junkie, and almost as old as Harrison Ford. Sort of almost as old, well I feel that way sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyhow, Dee’s advice works, so please read it again and think about trying it.

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I was referring to using glass instead of polycarbonate as Dan was seeking a food-grade alternative. Glass might be more subjected to condensation than plastic as it stays colder.

Not sure about that. Once you insulate the hive, the heat gradient should be pretty stable. Anyhow, i look forward to hearing the results of any experiments. :wink:

I have delved a little deeper and found someone in Wales uses stuff from here…
PET-G sheets , (Polyethleneterephtalate Glycol ).

Another information site

  • say food grade if not uv treated.
    Not sure if we can get anything like this here in Aus.
    @anon63823775 Good idea regarding glass. I think it could be used but I would say 6mm laminated and prised off the hive with a plastic tool of some sort so as not to chip it etc. Apparently the bees will propolize and wax the clear sheets put above the frames, so glass could be good as you could scrape it clean with a steel bladed window paint remover.

edit: found an Australian distributor of the PET-G stuff.

I have discovered this PET-G stuff is expensive here and a cheaper option is clear acrylic , which I think we call perspex here (I’m told it is food grade) and which is available in a variety of thicknesses. I guess there may be a reason @Dee recommends polycarbonate.

I have never considered whether the polycarbonate is food grade to be honest. I doubt wooden crown boards are food grade either

Perspex breaks and scratches easily. Polycarbonate is more robust and can be drilled for feeder holes. I use 4 or 6 mm