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Using a different type of sugar to make feeding syrup


Has anyone used raw sugar (brown crystals) instead of refined sugar (white crystals) to make their feeding syrup?


Please don’t do that. It is toxic for bees. :flushed:


I agree…unrefined is a definite no no.
Pure white cane or beet sugar if you need to feed or bought invert syrup.


Thanks so much. I won’t try that. BCRanch


I’ve also read where beet sugar is not good for the girls either.


That is debatable. The theory is that beet sugar can be from a GMO crop and beets may also be treated with neonicotinoids. I am distrustful of GMO crops, but beet sugar is just about pure sucrose, with no DNA in it, so the GMO factor shouldn’t be present in it. Having said that, I haven’t seen any laboratory analysis demonstrating (or proving absence of) residual neonics in the sucrose extracted from the crop. Given the choice, I would go for cane sugar, which is neither GMO nor neonic-treated, but it isn’t always easy to find, depending on what your local stores stock.


Thank you and RLKelly for your help. BCRanch


I’m using organic cane sugar from Costco. Seems to work great and reasonable price.