Using follower board with flow hive

I am planning on experimenting a bit with the flow frames and polystyrene hives and comparing to our traditional langstroth hives. I am thinking about using 6 flow frames in a 10 frame langstroth with one follower board or feeder on each outside position. This will allow me to use full size frames, the flow frames and cut down on the weight of the supers without going down to mediums. I am also thinking about doing the same thing with a polystyrene hive.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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want honey not feed? feed may contaminate honey in harvest season?

I’m afraid I don’t understand

I think you are at cross purposes. @suffolkowner Wayne are you talking about feeding - supplementing when the pollen is low? or during the June Gap?

@ZBee are you worried the supplement feeding will interfere with honey production?

I wasn’t actually talking about feeding just using a feeder as a follower board/ space filler to reduce weight

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Hi @suffolkowner, There is already a bit of a discussion on reducing weight for the langstroth deep supers.
Hopefully there will be some answers there.

This sounds like the perfect candidate to drop to 8 frame boxes. Which poly hives are you using? Paradise sell an 8 frame poly.