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Using (frozen) wax from other hives on new flow frames

Hi brains-trust! Thank you for your time.

I have a new hive almost ready for the (flow frames) super. I have some wax that’s been frozen from another hive (that hive has had chalkbrood in the past). Do you think it is okay to use that wax on the flow frames to entice the bees up and encourage them to start using the frames, or would you not?

Thanks again. :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

Did the hive have chalkbrood at the time you took the wax because it’d be hard to find any established hive that hasn’t had some chalkbrood at some time in the past. Just to be safe, I’d recommend not using it. If your hive is getting close to being ready for the honey super, you may find sufficient wax between the frames & on top of the frames below the crown board. You could try removing the plug in the crown board to see if the bees start building comb in the roof.

If what’s happening down there is anything like what’s happening up here (at Buderim), I doubt you’ll need any wax, provided the bees are ready to store honey above the QE.

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Thanks Jeff. Good to know about chalkbrood - I didn’t know it was that common. It didn’t have it at the time I took the wax, but it is probably better to be safe… you confirmed by concerns. And yes - I do have wax to use from the current hive… we are experiencing a great flow here in Brisbane too! Thanks again.

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