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Ventilation Help

Hi all,

Got a question around ventilation.

The ventilation section of the FlowHive2.

In the UK is it standard to close this (turn upside down) during the colder weather and winter?

I’ve already reduced the entrance and hunkered down the hive to just the brood box.

Close off the front vent by reversing it and I would also turn the white plastic tray upside down because of your cold Winter.
Cheers from tropical Queensland, Australia :smiley::smiley:

You may like to read Dave Cushman and Michael Bush on this very subject. Very well written.

I leave ventilation up to the bees. So I leave their one entrance (mine is at the top) reduced all year around. I would also close up the bottom if it is screened, also all year around. Bees are very good at ventilating their hive without us creating more ventilation than they need or making it difficult for them to cool things when they need to. Too much ventilation will not only make them too cold in winter, but too hot in summer since they are air conditioning the interior.


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Thanks for the tips.

@Michael_Bush. Link brings up a blank page mate.

The web server must be acting up. I copied the url while I was on that page but right now it’s not coming up.