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Video: My Northern Hemisphere August Tasks


Here’s a video outlining what I’m doing with my Flow hive to prepare for Fall and Winter.
If I’m messing up, let me know!


Great video Bobby - I’ve learned a lot from all your post. Question for you or one of the many other beeks that know a lot more than me. What is the purpose of feeding if you have sufficient stores and a big nectar/pollen source that will be starting soon? Thanks again for the great videos and your cameo in the Flow video!


Starvation is one of, if not the biggest contributor to colony losses over winter. I took what I wanted from the bees so now I have to ensure that they have enough food.

I don’t know what the weather will really be like but the Farmer’s Almanac is calling for heavier than normal rain in my region. Several days of that and I bet the bees can go through quite a bit of honey.