Vinegar odor in my pest tray?

This is my first year beekeeping… We are now into early October and the mid fall season here, My concern is this… The last few days the girls have been bringing lots of pollen and I have already started my winter prep by packing down my bees. So I have the brood box with a super on top that was pretty much full of honey a few weeks ago and the flow super has been stored away.
What concerns me is the last few days I have been checking the pest tray and have found a decent amount of liquid with a slight vinegar odor. Whats that all about??? Foulbrood???

Hello and welcome!

I think the liquid can be condensation and then some of the debris ferments in the tray…

Does everything look ok inside the hive?

I’m in Columbus, where are you located?

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Yes, I just looked through the box real quick, super is 90% full of honey, brood box has all the elements, honey, brood, pollen, nectar and tons of bees. Didnt see anything that looked “bad”
Im near Upper Sandusky so about an hour north of you

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