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WA native ground cover

Salut. I’ll kick off this new category then.

I’m after a West Australian native low growing ground cover, that can be kept to about 30cm high, and drought tolerant. Any suggestions?

I’m on a mission to turn my backyard into a native garden to attract as many wildlife as possible. Preferably not too woody because this will be for an area close the house and I’m in a bush fire area.

If it attracts bees, it is even better.

Grevillea ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ is a great ground cover which spreads but it can be "hacked "back to confine it.
I don’t know how big your back yard is but the Grevilleas and Callistemons are great for bees, birds and pleasure. My favorite Grevillea is “Honey Gem” which flowers up to 9 month and Callistemon is citrinus ‘Kings Park Special’. Just keep putting them in till the back yard is chock a block. :grinning:


Thank you Wilfred. I have a few terraced beds I’d like to fill.

I will definitely look into those. I can see they are cultivars, or hybrids, which I originally wanted to avoid and stick to true to type varieties. I am discovering that even though the SW of WA is a biodiversity hotspot for flora, finding true to type varieties in nurseries is very difficult, or limited.

I have a small Callistemon ‘Kings Park Special’ growing as a feature tree though still a metre tall. The name is deceiving because this cultivar is based on an eastern states bottlebrush. Stunning tree though.


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