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Walk-Away Split alway into what box?


I need to do a split of my first hive and wanted to get some pros and cons around moving a Walk-Away split to a NUC box or a full (8frame) hive.
is the nuc box used because the full box too big for them to handle at that stage?



Yes exactly.
One frame of eggs, two frames of emerging brood and two frames of stores (honey and pollen). Put them in a 5/6 frame nuc with a two or three frames worth of bees shaken in. The nurse bees will stay the flyers will go back to where they came from. There will be three weeks at the very best before you have a laying queen. There will be a lot of empty space when all the brood has emerged.


So I did the split five days ago into a nec box. There seems to be hardly any activity at the front of the hive maybe one or two bees coming up going in the 15 minutes just to watch them. Is that normal?


Sabine, they don’t yet have any foraging bees so little activity at the entrance is a good thing. At least it shows that they aren’t being robbed.
If they run low on stores then you might see some nurse bees pressed into early foraging but I’m sure you have left them with enough.
You should see some activity in a week or so.
Sit back and enjoy three weeks of peace and quiet.


Thanks Dee, good to know everything seems to be in order. I think I have given them enough food for a bit.
I wish I could see into my hives all the time without cranking them open to satisfy my own curiosity :smirk:


I think beginners’ bee suits should come with long sleeves you can tie together behind you…at least mine should have…


Today is Day 23 of my walkaway split and I went in to have a look and moved them into a permanent box. I did move my original queen into the new box ( I had a 50-50 chance to get this right )
The hive the split came from looks like they had a couple of queen cells. When can I expect to see eggs / larvae?


Three weeks would be good going if you had good mating weather but I would give them six weeks before pronouncing a failure


OK thanks, I will give them some more time and have another look in a couple of weeks - stay tuned for my next questions when that happens.

BTW thanks so much to everyone on this forum that’s providing support and assurance to us new beeks