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Website to view best times to inspect your hives


I was recently laid off and have been working hard to create a website where you can view the Optimal. Viable and Inadvisable inspection times for your hives!

Search for the location where your hives are (Better to use larger cities than small suburbs) and you will see the breakdown of the forecast for the next five days, in three hour blocks.

Also you can adjust all the settings yourself! Choose Imperial or Metric units, you can also change all the inspection variable, maybe your hives can be open when it is windier or wetter (under shelter), simply click the gear in the top right corner and add your own settings.

I am making this myself, so if you have any questions, bugs or feature requests please let me know! I am hoping to make a tool that is valuable to both beginner beekeepers and commercial. I know I have a long way to go though.



That’s pretty cool! Are you going to offer it for free commercially or is this a hobby project?

My plans are to offer it free commercially, if I can get some users for it. I have no plans on putting it behind a paywall.

Though I need to get some user feedback, feature requests, and mainly, users.

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I will share it with my bee group and ask that they provide you feedback; I would suggest you hyperlink the email address in the footer or create a feedback modal so that it can be done within the app so people can give that to you more easily.

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Hello Tim_Purdie,

That is fantastic, thank you very much. I have gone ahead and updated the email in the footer to be a link. I will definitely consider adding a feedback form though it won’t be for a while, email would be preferable.

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Hey there, sent several people to your site but after they put their city in then the interface just goes blank— you might be having load issues?

Seems to be working for me and others lately, can you tell me what city they are entering and what browser/device?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lasalle Ontario, Windsor Ontario, Detroit Michigan.

Hi there,
I checked out your website and it worked well.
Some feedback that I hope is of some use:

  • In Australia we tend to recognise wind speed as kilometers per hour rather than metres per second. Others use knots but metres per second doesn’t really register.
  • A lot of farmers, including me use a Norwegian website/app for weather forecasts. It’s free and seems to be way more accurate in regional areas than our own Bureau of Meteorology. It’s also has hourly updates. Anyway, if interested do a search on YR Weather.
    Cheers and all the best!

Hello Tim,

Sorry for the late reply, I have been working hard updating the design and changing a few things under the hood. Would love for your critique on the new design.

I tried those locations and it seems fine. Are you able to let me know what browser/device they were using?
Also if they go to directly to the Ontrario link does it work? https://www.inspectnext.com/LaSalle/Canada/

Thanks for the feedback, sorry for the hassle.

Hello Outbeck!

That is a bit embarrassing as I am Australian myself, but I have gone ahead and updated the units to use KM/H! If you have any other feedback I would be glad to hear it.

I’ll take a look! Is the main reason you use that because it is free? Any other features you enjoy?

@inspectnext the link got to the site and threw an “an unexpected error has occurred”. Time to move this discussion of troubleshooting out of the forums to not annoy others; you can direct message me and provide your email for follow up.

Sorry Tim, I tried to figure out how to send you a DM but cannot find it. If you can, email me at admin@inspectnext.com and we can go from there.

Hi IN,
The reason I use the app because it’s more accurate than the Australian BOM (or any other weather app I’ve tried). The BOM weather forecasts seem to be based on the nearest weather stations, which can be quite different to the weather here. The Norwegian one has more sophisticated modelling for areas between weather stations - well that’s my take on it. So I get a forecast for here, not 30kms away. The rainfall prediction is more accurate too, which is important if you’re on a farm. I only mentioned it was free because I didn’t want to be seen to be plugging some product. It’s a Norwegian govt run meteorological institute anyway and operates world wide. The Australian BOM is great for capital cities etc.
Another weather app I use is Ventusky which I think is American and is great for showing more precisely when a cool change is going to hit - so you may need to tie down those hives!
I hope that helps.