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What bees do when the Flow Frame is being robbed

What bees do when the Flow Frame is being robbed


Those bees are really active and I guess if it is robbing then there must have been many dead bees from the hive? To be up into the super and robbing it out doesn’t sound good for the survival of the hive if that is what is happening. Are you in a dearth now?
With the recent bush fires over my foraging area I have seen the same sort of thing happening in all my Flow Hive windows and my thoughts is that the colony is moving honey down from the super closer to the brood.

Hiya Terry, so that particular frame is being drained the the beginning of the clip or did you crack the frame during the clip?

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I missed seeing the frame is opened to drain @Skeggley and that would certainly explain the frenzied activity from the bees.
As Terry didn’t mention seeing heaps of dead bees I’m thinking it might not be robbing in the clip.

I think Terry meant robbing as in harvesting, not by other bees.

I guess that bees send some signals to the rest of the hive as soon as they sense disturbance, to watch out for intruders.

Point taken Stefan, I assumed ‘robbing’ as being from another hive colony, rather than harvesting or extracting of the honey.
So the clip makes sense of what is seen when harvesting a flow Frame.

The video is just after I opened segment 3 of the frame.

Hi Pete, sorry for scaring you I have regular bee wars at my hives, but this hive is the strongest in the district and tends to beat all comers.

What I thought was interesting was the bee in the center of the frame watching the honey disappear through the big window cell. This and the other larger looking cells were packed with pollen at the start of spring, before I put the second brood box on.