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What is on the bees legs?


First year beek near Windsor Ontario Canada. I have a lot of bees returning into their hives with this yellow stuff on their front legs and they are struggling to land and climb up into the hive. I noticed other bees seem to attack the ones that have it on their feet and toss them out when they do get into the hive. Not sure what it is.


Wow, your poor little lady! it’s hard to tell - could it be some type of insect, that the bees don’t want getting in? Other than that I’d only imagine it smells bad to them? I’ve never heard of this…I’ll be really interested to learn more, sorry not to be much help but thanks for posting!


I am wondering if it is some sort of sticky resin she has walked into, just a thought Tim, I have never seen it before…


looks like some kind of sticky flower parts?


I think you have nailed it Jack, they all seem so regular.


I just came across the answer, it is the anther of a flower, maybe something like a hibiscus flower. It is sticky with pollen and the shape is right. The bee would come in contact with it seeking out the pollen…


Good anther @Peter48 :smile:


That makes sense @Peter48 as I do have hibiscus on my property. I was worried it was something more sinister the way they were acting with it on their legs.


Where they acting like we humans do with a gob full of chewing gum stuck to the sole of our shoes? It is the same effect :smile:
Cheers Tim


Yes, and if it is so darn sticky that could explain why Tim saw the other bees keeping their distance instead of trying to help get it off!


Yes + it looked like the bees with the goo had broken legs by how they were unable to effectively walk.