What is the order of manipulating frames from bottom brood box to new top brood box?

Is there a specific order-check boarding pattern-sandwiching when you add a second broods box on top of full bottom brood box that the frames are full in?? Then——-how to manipulate the bottom brood box with new frames amoungst the full(old) frames??

TOP NEW-BROOD BOX-new frame-new frame-full frame -new frame-brood frame-brood frame-new frame-sugar feeder ???


TOP NEW-BROOD BOX-new frame-new frame-new frame-new frame-brood-brood-new frame-sugar feeder ???

I generally take the outer two frames of the old box (usually honey frames) and put them in the centre of the new box separated by an empty frame. In the old box I put two new frames in the middle so the older frames work their way out.

This works well in the warmer seasons but varies significantly in cooler months if you have to intervene.

Cheers Rob.

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:honeybee::honeybee:Great thank you so much :honeybee::honeybee:

The top brood box has 3 brood frames from the bottom that I moved up.

The bottom box was honey frames i checkerboarded around the new frames.