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What to do with hive that has multiple queen cells?

Am at a loss. Please help. My original queen died or she took off. Idk, but now I have multiple queen cells in my hive. One emerged and I was super happy. I even heard her pipping calls for the 1st time. I didn’t even know what pipping was until after when I googled it. Anyways, so I thought she was going to stick around and just kill off the rest of the queens that would emerge after her, but nope. She swarmed and took like 1/2 the colony with her. So now my hive a weak. Two weeks ago I found a new queen, again. I got super happy again and decided to wait til today to see how she’s doing being that I didn’t see a swam. I found some brood ( yes, sweet, woohoo ) but, I couldn’t find the queen =(. What should I do ? I still have other queen cells that haven’t hatched. Like 4.

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There is a very nice document on what to do about queen cells here, and it tells you what to do much better than I could:

I would say that I find my queens less than 50% of the time, even when they are marked, so I wouldn’t worry about it if you have brood in all stages. I think a lot of experienced beekeepers have the same problem. Having said that, I don’t try too hard to find her unless I have a reason for it. If I see eggs, uncapped and capped larvae, and my bees have a good demeanor, I don’t really need to see the queen most of the time. If I am doing a sugar roll for mites, or making a split, I might try a lot harder to find the queen, but mostly it isn’t worth the time or trauma/chill to the hive. :wink:

Thanks, I’ll check out the link in a lil bit. I saw capped and uncapped brood. Hoping for the best and for this queen to stick around :pray:t2:.

If you saw uncapped brood, you have had a laying queen in the hive within the last week or so. I hope she stays for you too! :blush:


Read it and print it out. I’m sorry you’ve learned the hard way about colonies casting.
If you have a laying queen I should imagine the other cells are duds so relax and let the bees build up. This will take quite a while so unless your season is a long one there will be little or no honey for you this year. Next year you will be on top of swarming and hopefully prevent this. Good luck

Wow ! This was super informative. Thank you again. I am printing it and adding it to my bee bible.

Our own Wally Shaw from Anglesey.
He has got so famous now with all the google hits of his publications :slight_smile: