What type of grub is this? Wax moth larvae

Just found this on my inspection, can anyone advise

  1. what it is
  2. should I be concerned ( only found the one, hive active and I believe generally healthy)

Hi Jeff, that is just a wax moth larvae, nothing to be concerned about.

Hi @Jeffm I have doubts that there’s only the one in your hive. Those larvae have ways of hiding very well, under the tops of frames and in corners, where they will spin cocoons and pupate into moths, and the cycle continues.

Jeff H is right in the sense that, like all things in nature there will always be populations of many other creatures living alongside the creatures we prefer. I’d just add that it would be a good idea to monitor the wax moth situation - they will overtake a colony if it weakens. Just squash any larvae with your hive tool if you find 'em during inspections.

If you’re interested, you can make a simple wax moth trap - put those words into the search area on this forum and some posts with instructions will be listed.


Eva n Jeff have written plenty already here. I usually only have issues with wax moths in a weak or unoccupied (empty) hive with wax comb. Once in awhile I’ve seen under the screen of my SBBoards. I try to keep the wax fragments cleaned up below to discourage the nasty critters. I have the hole in my crown board screened too so only access is the main entrances.

I did have one 5 frame (empty of bees) got hit by the wax seeking Varmint ! I’m sorching the hive box n freezing the five frames.

Cheers n keep your eyes peeled,


It is as I thought, thank you for your advice​:australia::australia: