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When to add the Flow Super Portland, OR

Hi, I got a Nuc at the beginning of April, and about 2 weeks ago I added a second brood box as all frames were drawn out and I wanted them to start moving upwards to a second brood. we are in a good honey flow right now and im curious when should I add the flow super?
also, will I be able to harvest any honey this year or will I be waiting until next year? I live in the Pacific North West and have not lived in a place where there’s a winter before. and never kept bees where there’s a winter either.
Excited to see how things go!

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Welcome to the forum! That’s great that your package has done so well. You should follow the same guidelines for putting the super on as you did with adding the second BB. I’d hesitate to say for sure whether you’ll reach the point of a full Flow harvest this season. Not impossible, but it doesn’t typically happen, partly because of how big the volume is for the bees to fill. They also have to spend a good deal of time - and wax! - to prepare the Fframes if they’re brand new. How does the second BB look?