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When to put super on

Do I need to wait until all frames in the brood hive are full to put the super on or can I do it once 3-4 are full? Or any other advice you feel I should know.

Heres some great advice from our Dawn.
Hope this helps.

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Bees like to live in very high density living conditions and so they can better defend the hive from pests like SHB or a honey robbing situation. I wouldn’t add the super till the colony needs it, when at least 85% of the frames in the brood box are being used for stores of honey, pollen and brood.
A tip, rub some bur comb over the ends of the cells of the flow frame, or use a daggy paint brush and paint on some melted wax, the bees will use the wax to seal up the gaps in the Flow frames and will work on them much faster than ‘clean’ frames.
I would check with the Canberra bee group for advice about setting up a second brood box because of your Winters or not. My brother on the Southern Highlands has opted for double brood hives so the colony is stronger coming into Spring.

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