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Where do I start with reading for Hawaii?

Brand new Bee keeper:

My Flow Hive will arrive in February and we are in Hawaii.

I have contacted a group near my home but they will not meet until
November for a Director’s meeting and voting.

Where do I start and of the myriad books which do I start with. I am reading everything on the internet and am getting confused.

One guide says keep the bees out of the wind, and another says wind is preferred since it discourages the beetles.

How do I find a mentor and which bees and how many do I order? One hive only and I want to be prepared to do my best.

Also, which flowers in Hawaii are preferred by the bees. I can get my garden ready for them now.

Bonnie B.

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Thanks for the recommendation! I found a local grower who also suggests that I get a second hive and he will give me some bees. We canott ship bees to Hawaii nor interisland. My “Flow” won’t arrive until Feb. and he is leaving for Samoa in January so training time is the next three months. The Hawaiian group has a difficult time getting together, but I can talk to them individually. November is their officers and members voting month, They won’t have the mindset to train a "newbie"
So one guy near my home is willing to train me for trade in services. I can do that! He insists that I must have a suit, gloves or neoprene gloves, Smoker and a screen for the bottom. He powders his bees with powdered sugar so they will work to clean themselves off and rid themselves of that nasty beetle. I am getting this in bits and pieces.
I’ll keep asking questions. Recommended to me are two suppliers Mann and Dadant, but I do not know what to purchase since there are too many choices. Can you narrow this down for me? You can see that I am all over the place. Mahalo
Bonnie B. (Valerie B Richards)

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Aloha~ I’m moving to Captain Cook & bringing my Flow Hive with me. I’m keeping it packaged up & hoping to find someone there to help me find a Brood. ALL help & advice welcomed!! Mahalo

New Beekeeper here in Kauai checking in. I know the feeling. I actually took class and bought my bees from the head of our beekeepers association here. Not real active here either. I learned base on your micro climate as we have on the islands place your hive. I am on the hot windward side and 200 ft from the ocean so I located mine with wind protection and spattered shade because it is hot. Now with rain I will add a external cover. My friend who is more seasoned keeps his hive on my farm and has it under a tree because it is out in my field. More in the shade than mine. I am adding plants to the farm that attract bees. But they do travel. I live in a agricultural area so year round farming but when there is a rainy season.

Let me know how your doing. I use an oil trap for the hive beetles.