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Where to place my swarm traps


I’ve got 30 acres of bush in Mt Barker , WA, Australia and have just set some swarm traps.
This is my first ever attempt so need help.

I’ve set 3 empty supers with frames. All have some foundation, some foundation less and some drawn comb.
All also have an earbud of lemongrass oil.

Is it best to be close to their hives or far away?
Some state to have them 2m high but I’ve placed mine on 200 drums, making them about 1200mm high. All are north facing with trees and shrub behind.


I am trying to catch swarms myself. I almost, had one last year, and had tried the year before. In response to what I observed last 2 seasons, I have several set up at different heights (from 2m up to 5m) & distances (from 25m t0 150m) from existing colonies. I also reduced the number of frames of foundation, so that when they measure the space it will have a greater volume.
Has been a bit of discussion here


Good luck!


Are you using a swarm lure of any kind?

I have always used the commercial swarm lure that comes in a wipe similar to hand wipes from fast food restaurants. I wipe that inside the hive and have generally had good results.

Found the product link to what I use here (made by Vita)

I buy them from an Australian distributor in Canberra.