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Which Cells Have Eggs


I have been looking for eggs in cells that were / are quite full of honey and finding none. Which cells do you find eggs in? are the cells with eggs in them rather dry? Thanks


You won’t find eggs in cells that are full of honey. The bees usually store a band of honey above and to the sides of where they raise their young. My hive picture has eggs in the bottom of the cells.


They can be VERY hard to see. I’d bring a light with you and look from the top of the comb down as they angle the comb upwards. It took me a while to find my eggs (6 days) they will be in dry cells in the center of the comb


Get a bright white pocket LED torch and suddenly they will be there.
In a typical brood comb you will get an arc of honey along the top, then a smaller arc of pollen then the brood. Look for eggs in the "empty"cells there. The queen starts in the middle then works out and as the capped brood emerges the cells are cleaned up and re-laid in the centre.
The first thing a newly emerged bee does is clean her cell.
Get some practice in and get somebody to show you. It’s something you have to master.
Good luck


The bottom left has eggs I can see - below the Queen Bottom and the open cells to her left and across 1 or 2 day old from what I see


Sorry I didn’t read this properly didn’t realise this was RHCP’s piccy LOL