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White eastern cedar


just a newbie question on using white cedar to build with. anyone use it or should I stay away from it


Hi Allin, I am an amateur woodworker. I will try to give you a bit of info on White Cedar. It has similar properties to our Western Red Cedars out here on the West Coast. It workability are good n resistance to insect damage n rot.

White Cedar is listed to be a bit more allergen to some groups of people use n working with it. I don’t seem to find any listen issues more than what I have written.

I would obtain a sample n do a simple would working project with it to see if you are personally allergic to this species of wood.

It does seem to have some good qualities but I do know yay or nah about its use for hives. I would personally try a super or two to see. I doubt it should be a problem with the bees unless they refuse to enter said made White Cedar super. It more if you might get a allergic reaction that you must be cautious about. Many woods I use have different sensitive n allergen levels so I wear dust masks so I do not breath in the particals.

White cedar is used for shingles, posts, poles n more where weather resistance is needed. It is our lightest weight woods n known as the American ballsawood or canoe wood. The wood info atlas is often good at choosing woods. I often turn wood bowls n make cutting boards so use the info to help make useful n wise choices in what woods I use.

Hope this gives you a spring board to go on n move ahead.

Good luck n happy beekeeping,


ty for the info,i have about 1000 bf of 1 inch here and wanted to know if bees will use a hive made of it as it repels certain bugs


I have an Eastern White Cedar beehive made from cedar here in southern New Jersey. It is in it’s 4th or 5th year, untreated and is holding up better than my cypress and pine boxes.


Thankz Red,

Great person use info for him… We have a lot of red cedar out here but white is hard to find n expensive if we do. My hives are made of mostly pine here. It’s easy n economical to find n build hive boxes from it.



ty red hot,now I have time to build the w.cedar hive before the snow melts and know that bees will use it