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White larva along top edge of Nuc frame

Installed my first Nuc 2 weeks ago and opened hive up to inspect today. Noticed white larvae along one edge of middle Nuc frame, along with some comb growth outside of frame along top edge. Is this normal?
How do I insert a picture in chat?

Bottom right or my screen shot the box with the arrow let’s you upload pics :+1:

Is this bridge comb? Should I remove it, or just leave it?

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Yes bridge comb, and almost always drone larvae or honey in it. Remove it, because it will get worse and harder to lift out frames if you don’t.


Ok, thank you for the replies! I will go back in tomorrow and deal with it as best I can🙂. I guess I should check spacing between frames?

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Great idea. Clean them up first, then put them back in. I always put an outer frame back in last, because usually the queen is not on that one and there is less risk of rolling her. Then I use the flat blade of my hive tool against the wall of the box and the outer frame to slowly lever all of the shoulders of the frames close together, until there are no gaps between frames. That gives bees time to move out of the way while I correct the bee space. Sounds complicated, but it is actually very easy.

Thank you🙂! I really appreciate all of the advice as a new beekeeper. Trying hard to educate myself as much as possible.

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As Dawn has said scrape off any comb that is on the top or edges of a frame. Aslo scrape any wax of the edges of on the frame so that when the frames are put back into the box the shoulders of each frame are sitting together to maintain the right bee space.

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Ok, thanks again for the help!

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