Why are bees in the flow key slot?

Why are bees in flow key slot? How do we prevent this happening?

The only way I can think of them getting in that spot (if the frames are intact) is if the key slot cover is not on - have you harvested recently?

Apart from the keyhole cover as Chau says I’ve seen this happen on the forum where the top has cracked and the bees could get in. Same thing that has happened in this thread.

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Hi Connor,
If your frames have cracked, they shouldn’t have. I have seen this a couple of times but in the thousands of frames we’ve sent out, it’s really not common. So if this has happened please contact info@honeyflow.com so we can troubleshoot it with you to find out why.
Yes a missing cover is another possibility.
Do you have some photos of the spot they seem to be getting in so we can see what could be happening?