Any problems with frames

Hi all , I am considering purchasing a full high flow box, but have been told you might have problems with the life of the frame, just wondering how many times can the flow frames be used before the material starts to crack or break.

You are right, NO ONE KNOWs. This is something we are taking a chance on. This is really not a purchase as much as it is a funding of an “Great idea” This is all about a incredible invitation and there will be issues and a major learning curve by all of us and the inventors. There will be a lot of nay-sayers. we can find something wrong with anythink


Have been told by whom? I don’t think anyone knows for sure, but the material is similar to other fully drawn plastic comb I’ve had (PermaComb and Honey Super Cell) and I’ve had the PermaComb for 12 years now and it shows no sign of deterioration.

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This is not easy to understand. Trying to get in is not simple. Ugh. Anyways from the USA set between the west and central south part of Utah, just set up my hive and trying to set the frames ready, did what the instructions said to do, but I am not seeing them adjust, they look the same is there something I am missing?

Just put the key in the top slot and turn and they will be lined up for the bees to complete.

oops was to say super frames that the honey gets collected

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That’s what I understood you to mean.

Watch the video in the response that I gave above and see if you have any other questions.

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