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Why do bees attack one another after moving them into a new hive

I had received so much help from this forum, I finally moved the bees into the new Flow hive from the garbage can where they were and I spent a few hours picking up the straggles, when I went to to check on them I found some of them seem to be fighting with one another and some dead bees, so anyone know the reason? I cut the combs and them on the racks as best I could, some of the left overs I put by the entrance to see if it may help with orientation, anyone have advice on the dead bees?

Not sure exactly what is going on in the Orlando area this time of year but my guess is that what you were witnessing was robbing behavior stirred up by having the hive open, spilled honey, and the comb that you left out in the open.

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Thank you or the reply, I hated seeing the dead bees, I spent my time finding the lost ones, until 4am, lol, today they looked better today, any advice to help them? I read about sugar water to help with the winter, I know we don’t have a heavy winter, but I wanted to do something to help since I broke the hive, I caught the queen after 2 hours of looking for her in a catcher and I am hoping that I did catch her is there a way to be sure? at the later part of the day the bees were on top of the catcher, so I assumed I got her.
Thanks again for the pervious advice it did help.