Winter fondant placement

Hi there

I am based in the UK, it is current week one in January.

At the beginning of November I had a pretty much full brood box at the bottom with a mix of honey and brood and a second box on top that was 2/3 full of honey.

I have just lifted the crown board and the top box is pretty much empty (except remaining comb), I haven’t looked at the bottom box as the bees are there.

I think I need to feed them as I am suprised by how much they have eaten.

So my questions are:

  1. Do I put the fondant on the top crown box therefore requiring the bees to fly through the empty brood box (just comb remaining no honey) or
  2. Do I remove the top box all together and put the feed on the crown board of the bottom box or
  3. Place the fondant straight onto the frames at the bottom box

Any thoughts welcome!

If the upper box is empty, I would take it off. That reduces the hive volume and makes it easier for the bees to heat during the winter. I would then put the fondant on top of the top bars of the frames in the lower brood box.