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Winter harvest:


Have you been able to get orange blossom honey? :smiley: Asking for a friend. LOL!


Only from Williams-Sonoma! :blush: There is some cheaper than that on Amazon, though. It is from Florida, which is really the main orange growing region in the US:

The only way to get it would be to have your hives in a huge orange orchard with no other forage around. There aren’t any like that near me. There are small groves, but I live in a large urban area. The nearest agricultural land is probably 50 miles away. The nearest citrus orchards are probably much further away. The other problem is that many of the oranges in this area are navel oranges. They don’t need pollination, so there is no motivation to put hives near them. :thinking:


I’ve seen photos of some of the commercial netted citrus groves and they are enormous! We see the product here on the supermarket shelves. I don’t buy them, it’s one of my pet gripes, imported fruit, here in Oz, inconceivable.
Anyway, surely the value adding factor is an incentive. Perhaps it’s a pesticide issue?