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Winter in the ACT - Leave Flow Hive on or take off

Hi Everyone, My first post. We set up our flow hive about a week before Christmas. With the extremely dry weather and then the fires honey production seemed slow. Yes we have lots of flowers water etc close by. We thought it was time about 8 weeks ago to put the super on but as yet have seen no production of honey in it. With winter fast approaching should just leave it or remove it so we can then easily place some containers of sugar to supplement the winter feeding? Thanks for your advice. we again remove

If there is no honey in the super then there is no reason to have it on the hive and very valid reasons to remove it. The super box can be used for internally feeding 1:1 sugar water if needed. This is what I use after trying a lot or ideas, it works best for me. I got mine from a local pet store as a ‘bird aviary watering system’

Thank you very much for the advice. As you would see we are quite new to bee keeping. Great idea about the feeder and using the super box. We think we will do that.

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Hi @Steve great to see another beekeeper in the ACT. I am a newbie (to bee keeping in ACT, use to have hives in Newcastle) and we installed our nuc into the Flow Hive in December 2020. We left it quite late in the season to get our bees and have decided to wait until the next honey season to put on the honey super. I think we will need to feed our bees coming into the Canberra winter as well. I would be interested in when you start to feed?