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Winter losses in Montana


So around the end of February I had a warm day that was pretty calm. I took off the lids and peeked under the wood chips in the moisture quilts I have on top of my three hives. All three were still alive. Today I went out to add some more food to get them thru the last month of winter before spring arrives to find two of the three hives dead. Right after we had the few warmer days in late February we had a long cold snap with the temps in a 15 day period in the negatives and highs in the single digits. There was a week in there where the temps stayed below zero(fahrenheit). Food was definitely not an issue. The upper brood boxes in both colonies have over four solid frames of untouched capped honey. The remaining four frames have 1/2 to 3/4 of honey remaining. My guess is that they broke cluster and then did not get back together when the cold snap came thru and froze. There were small clusters of bees on the frames with bees headfirst into the cells with bees around them maybe a three inch group. I can also see a lot of bees on the bottom of the hive. So now I need to get a plan together to rebuild three hives. I had one abscond in October. :cry:


-not great news John…I recall you wrap your hives up with insulation too.


Oh man :disappointed: I’m so sorry for you.


No definitely not good news @Dan2. Sucks but the one good thing I can look at is that I have four full deep brood boxes with fully drawn comb to start new colonies from. I will probably get another NUC to go along with the two queens I have ordered. That should give me the bees I need to start the new colonies along with the one that I have left.


Sorry to hear about that John. It a tough break to have come so close to spring :slightly_frowning_face: I’m in the same boat.

Good on you for trying again - cheers!