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Wintering the Flow Hive in Denmark - how do I do it?


Hi everybody!
We recieved a beautiful Flow Hive this summer :smiley: and everything seems to turn out just fine. The bees are calm and happy :honeybee:
We havn’t had any honey harvest yet because the family should settle down, and make some honey for themselves, -and we still havn’t put on the upper brood box (…is this wrong??)
We still have around 15-18 degrees in Denmark but soon the winter will come in december, junuary and february -and sometimes the temperature will be around 10 minus.
Does anyone have knowledge about isolation for the Flow hive? Or will the bees survive anyway?
For the last one and a half month we’ve been feeding with sugarpaste (for bees) and for the rest of the winter, we’ve been told by a traditional beekeeper, to continue the feeding with sugar water in a bucket (with straws so that they don’t drown)
We will put an empty box on top and place the sugar water in there.
Will there be another better way to do it in a Flow hive?
I am all new with the wonderful bees but so happy about it -and want to make everything going right.


Can’t really comment about your winter, its totally foreign to me. Just remember, the flow hive is simply a standard hive with a different extraction system. For over wintering I would do what all the locals do. Remove the flow super and queen excluder, get them built up as strong as possible, insulate the hive and use sugar blocks in winter.

Now that is said by someone who thinks -5°C is cold but its commonly discussed on many forums.