Winterizing help, Minnesota, USA

Hello I have read some winterizing posts from other people but Im still in need of help. I live in Minnesota USA and have two hives. They are both two deep brood supers right now. they have some frames with honey(capped and uncapped) and I am not sure that they will have enough for winter. I hear that we should have 8-10 frames full of honey for a 3 deep body hive. how ever mine are two deep and I feel they are a weak colony since they swarmed about 1.5monts ago.

My question is: Is there a ratio to how much honey I should leave to how many bees/frames of brood etc. I have.

I am under the assumption that since its late august I will have to feed them in October so they can get their stores ready for winter…

I am in Montana and I have read 50-60 lbs for two deeps. I can say that my one hive had that and then some this past winter and had no issues making it thru the winter. On the other hand my second hive was in the same situation as yours. It swarmed in June and when it came to September they barely had one full brood box full of resources. I fed them all September and put sugar candy on the top of the upper brood box. The thing that helped was that the queen was not laying a whole lot in September. She kept the colony small and it made it thru the winter with the resources they had available to them.

They are amazing creatures!



It will depend on your bees too. If they are Russians, Carniolans or local mutts, that is probably good. If they are greedy Italians (like mine) you may need more than 80lb. As a deep frame is about 6lb of honey, you can look in your hive and do the math. :blush:

Should have mentioned that was for 8-Frame deeps too. My strong hive had close to 12 full frames of honey going into last winter. Doing the math 60lbs would be ten frames. Thanks @Dawn_SD

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Hi John

Thank you so much for your input. I really appreciate it. It looks like I will be feeding them starting this month too based on what you said. They really are amazing creatures and they are just so beautiful. Again, thanks for your help and sorry it yo me this long to reply.