Wonky Comb building

I just added my second brood box. I have just done an inspection and the bees are building comb bottom up in a foundation less frame. Obvious now they don’t use the frame guide in all situations. Should I let them continue or pull the frames and set them with wax sheets? Learning curve just got steeper.


Bees typically build top down… but since you’ve added another brood box, they still think the top of the bottom box is the ceiling.

To convince them otherwise, have you moved some fully drawn frames to the top? You could then checker board the foundations frames into both boxes to encourage them to be straight.

My recent attempt at using foundationless frame with starter strip yielded straight comb… but all drones!


Thank you. I did notice one of the outer frames full drawn and straight as a dye. The next 3 were crossed up.


That’s because the wall acted as a guide. Look up checkerboarding. Bees guiding principal in building comb is bee space.

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Thanks so much mate.

Loads to learn. They are such a wonder. :heart::honeybee:


Seeing as you asked the question: “or pull the frames & set them with wax sheets?”. My answer is yes to that question. The only thing is to make sure you get someone to show you how to set them properly, because bees can make a mess of those if the wires are not embedded into the foundation properly. If it’s done properly, the bees will build up to a 100% worker comb on the frames.


With foundationless frames checker boarding is your friend. Rule 1.

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