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1 Day Hive Move


So I have a bit of a problem… where my hive is located I have a very large tree that has died and needs to be cut down. Problem is the tree needs to be cut down by professionals.

So obviously there are a few problems with getting someone with a loud chain saw to climb a large ladder next to a very active bee hive. (However it could make for great entertainment) :slight_smile:

But on a serious note what can I do? Is it possible to close the entrance for a day? Would the bees be ok? Or do I move the hive, meaning I would have to relocate it a few kms away and then eventually move it back.

Has anyone done this before, what’s my best option do you think?



The other issues is things (limbs etc.) falling on the hive. I would move it a week or more ahead of time. After the tree is gone you can move it back. If it’s winter where you are, you could probably close it off with screen wire so they don’t have to reorient.


Ah. Wrong time of year to be closing a busy hive up. I would do as Michael says. Move it completely away for a week before you need to and bring it back a couple of weeks later.


I wouldn’t close it in this weather in Sydney but if you can get the tree removed during the rain in the next few days then it is possible, throw a large piece of shade cloth over the hive so the bees can exit the hive but will be contained under the cloth. They should be right if its a cool day. A light spray from the hose will also help.


There are lots of variables to consider as has already been mentioned. The weight of the hive is definitely one consideration. Also the amount of limbs that are likely to fall onto the hive.

With everything in mind, you could make a completely screened roof & put the hive on two beams that can be slid out or the way the night before the operation after closing the hive up. Then the hive can be slid back after the job is done, then re-opened. Keep the screened roof shaded.

This is assuming the hive is too difficult to move away. The screened roof, if well built could come in handy at a later date.