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2 swarms from my hive in 2 weeks

Hello, Background - I have a Flow Hive Classic, I recieved an 8 frame nuc to start my hive on 16th October, it was a very full hive, I was advised I could put the super on after a few days it was a very sucessful and filled up quite fast. I have harvested 2 frames only 4 are still now quite full 95%.
They swarmed on Thursday 2 Dec. :frowning_face: I dont know where they went.
I did a hive inspection on Saturday 11th but was unable to locate the new queen, nor eggs, nor lava. there was emerging brood both drone and regular brood.
This evening when I arrived home there was a swarm in a nearby tree which I managed to get into a cardboard box. The Queen is in there as there is fanning on the opening I made.
A quick inspection of my flow super shows not very many bees up there.
What do I do now? 1. with the existing hive, and 2. with the swarm? Can I put the swarm back into the flow hive?

Hi Ian, in relation to your first question: I think I would be inclined to harvest all the honey before removing the flow super, seeing as your colony swarmed twice & there’s not very many bees up there. I’m thinking that hive beetles are probably in your area, so therefore I’d suggest that you make sure that any brood frames containing brood & or pollen that doesn’t have a good covering of bees be removed & replaced with fresh foundation frames or fully drawn comb frames.

#2. Yes you can combine the swarm colony back with the original hive. However bare in mind that the swarm will have a new queen, & the original hive will have a new queen. Therefore you would need to work out a strategy with that in mind. You would need to combine the colonies as if they were 2 separate colonies down the track, if that’s what you still want to do.

Thanks Jeff, I have put the swarm into a 5 frame box and will monitor its progress.

Yes SHB are here and in the hive, I have reduced the entrance width to about 4.5 cm and will drain the rest of the frames. There does seem to be an increase of bees in the super, but mainly around the already drained frames. The others aren’t completely capped and the water % from the previous 2 drains is 19.5% yes it is abit thin however the last frame was completly capped.
There seems to be alot of activity around the front of the orginal hive, not sure why.

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You’re welcome Ian, you’ll need to check the swarm after about 2 weeks to see if the virgin queen got successfully mated. The same goes for the original hive.