22% Moist Honey

I harvested my Flow Frames recently and in my zeal I did not check their moisture content until all frames had drained.
I now have several jars in the freezer of 22% moist honey.
Questions: If I give away jars what do I tell my friends about the storing of their honey? If left out of the freezer how long will the honey stay unfermented?
Thanks for your insights
Do Bee do Bee do Eric in Longmont, Colorado

I would tell them to refrigerate or freeze it. It will keep indefinitely in the freezer (years). At room temperature it should be fine for at least a couple of weeks, and it may be OK for a month or more - it depends on the honey. Very variable, I am afraid!

You could also rig some sort of honey dryer.

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@Martha has also pasteurized unripe honey with good results, but you will destroy most enzymes and denature some of the other proteins if you opt for that method.


I’m sure it will get consumed quicker than you can keep it…

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thanks for your help