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2nd brood box full of honey

So we are new beekeepers and we added a 2nd brood box early July. After inspecting it a couple weeks later it had great brood and larva and it was growing like crazy. We gave it another week and then added our flow super. After about 8 days there were no bees in the super at all. So we did an inspection only to find a small amount of brood left to emerge from frame 9 and the rest were capped honey or in the process of filling out with nectar.

Not sure what to do now. Any advice? We pulled a couple of honey frames and replaced the middle two with drawn comb. What can we do further?

You added the super too early by the sounds of it unless the brood boxes were fully drawn comb and full of larvae/eggs first. In Ontario we are having extreme heat and nectar flow has slowed-if you don’t have nectar they won’t have anything to store.