3 Queens in one large swarm

I captured a swarm today off one of my strongest hives. I found the queen and immediately placed her in a clip while preparing the hive box to put them in. Once I placed them in the hive I found another queen so I split the swarm into 2 hives. Later in the day I came back and released both queens into their respective hives when I found yet ANOTHER queen. So we’re at 3 now. The latest one looks like a Virgin. I could tell one of them at least was fat and determined she is likely older. So I have the 3rd queen captive right now and put a bit of honey on the clip for her. It’s too cold and late in the day now but I will split another hive tomorrow and use her for that one. Such a strange bee season. I think it’s due to the false spring here in northern Ca.

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Hi Robbee & welcome to the forum.

I’m just wondering when you expect the proper spring to start? The reason I ask is where I am downunder, winter has virtually started. We’re probably only about 6 weeks away from our winter solstice.

Hi Jeff, thanks! Happy to be here.

Our spring has started but we had an early bit of warm weather followed by weeks of intense cold and rain so we’re not seeing the bloom from a lot of citrus trees where the nectar flow is usually quite heavy this time of year. Sounds your winter came early?

Hi Robb, yes our winter has started early. Our minimum for tomorrow is 7C. It might have been similar today, because I’m wearing thick woolen socks, long pants & 2 jackets, plus I slept in till 9 am.

Your bees must be optimistic going forward, to have issued a swarm. I don’t think they swarm unless they think they can rebuild in time for the next winter.

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