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Swarming Possible?

I think my hive may have already swarm. I’m hoping not. I did not understand the signs last time I went into the hive which was a little over a week ago.

I saw my queen and I thought she was very skinny. I forgot all about what I had learned about the girls getting the queen down to flying weight, before swarm. For whatever reason I thought it was just coming out of winter was the issue.

Taking a photograph this morning before leaving for work hive number 1, the big box on the right does not appear as hot as it use to compare to hive number 2 which was a swarm I caught last fall before going into winter.

I live in a tight residential neighborhood. I have 2 hives now in the only location in my yard that I can put them. If I were to do a split right now trying to figure out where to put the 3rd hive. All I’ve got right now as a box is the original NUC that I got last year with my original hive.

Looking for suggestions comments. Dallas Texas here, weather has been quite nice we are definitely out of winter may have one more cold snap before full off spring. Everything is blooming the girls are bringing back lots and lots of pollen. They are not touching the pollen substitute at all.

Are you thinking they swarmed based on a FLIR pic? Just go in and see.


I do plan on it, Saturday for sure.

I may have time Friday. I will be prepared to do a split depending on what I see.

The Russian I’m working with using his sound monitoring device is telling me I likely have a week possibly to before the swarm happens.

I’m hoping to run another audio test today to see. But cannot get into the hive until Saturday for sure I’m hoping tomorrow.


Let us know how the remote monitoring coincides with the reality. Fascinating. Good luck.

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Just a pass on, here are the videos of the test I ran so I could show my mentor in the US that’s teaching me how to use this device as well as the Russian that is developing the device.

They’re telling me I’m should go into the hive Saturday. They’re telling me that I may or may not see queen cells just yet if so they will be very very new and may not even have a Grubbs in them yet. We will see

Just wanted to pass this on. On the swarm control, if both arrows are in green then they are not going to swarm or preparing to swarm. If they’re both in red then swarming is likely to happen any moment. Because the left one is red and the right one is green it’s indicating they are thinking about it but have not made up their mind just yet.


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