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3 week inspection looking good


It looks like my package is doing quite well. There are 2 full frames of brood/eggs/larvae that are laid solid. I did notice a few errant cells here and there that looked like drones but it was perhaps 3-6 per side of brood. So maybe 10-20 total.Without a frame of reference this seems acceptable. I have lots of blonde baby bees running around in the hive. So I was very happy to see that, and shows that I was pretty accurate on my bee math, by my figures the first batch should have emerged yesterday, and it seems that they did. It is interesting though that the 4.9 mm cell new bees are significantly smaller then their packaged sisters, so I was also happy to see that. Do bees “grow” after emerging?

I didn’t observe the queen directly this time, though I didn’t specifically look for her since I saw eggs and brood.

I have small amounts of capped honey and pollen stores on the next two frames from the middle. I have not fed in two weeks so I believe that this is actually nectar/honey, and not syrup. But still very little comb drawn on the outer most frames. But I imagine with all this brood hatching that they will need it sooner rather then later.

No obvious signs of disease or pests. All the babies appeared to have normal wings etc.